West Oxford Baptist Church

One Way, One Truth


Dr. Bruce Beck.

      I am a graduate of Clayton State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration with Marketing. In 2001, I earned a Masters of Divinity with Counseling from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  In December 2006, I graduated from Southeastern with a Doctor of Ministry in the area of biblical counseling, with a concentration on reconciliation.

     My priorities for ministry at WOBC:

  1. To exalt Jesus Christ, presenting Him as the sinless, crucified and risen Savior who, through His Word and the Spirit, can meet all our needs according to His glorious riches.
  2. To proclaim the Scripture as containing everything a person needs for salvation, for trusting God perfectly, and for obeying God perfectly. (2 Tim 3:15–17; 2 Pet 1:3).
  3. To learn everything I can about the body and to be an example (1 Peter 5:1-4). As your shepherd following the chief Shepherd, I ought to smell like my sheep and know you by name.
  4. To humbly spend time, serve, and disciple the leadership (Phil. 2:5-8).
  5. To plan my preaching (Rom. 10:17). This is my number one priority. Faithfully explaining and applying the Scriptures will have more impact on our church than anything else I can do.
  6. To have a passion for people, which is driven by a high view of God (Prov 9:10).
  7. To make time to meet with people who are not in our church (Phil. 2:4; Matt. 22:37-40).
  8. To plant a garden not a Chia Pet (1 Cor. 4:2). I am in this for the long haul. WOBC is a living organism not a business. True leadership comes from having your trust. This is not my church but our church. Change should come from Christ to us. I am looking to the fruit that that God’s grace will bear to His glory.

     I seek to do the following in serving the community of Granville County:

  1. Serving others with the love, truth, humility and compassion of The Great Shepherd, striving to be ingrained with and uphold the two greatest commandments, which are loving God first and my neighbor as much as I do myself (Matt. 22:37–40)
  2. Endeavoring to be used by God to address the struggles that are caused by both the outward behavior (words and actions) and the inner heart (thoughts, beliefs, and motives).
  3. Praying for God’s favor upon this community (Jer. 29:4-7). 

Student Pastor:
Joseph Hart
From: Oxford, NC - 1992 
School: College at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary-Current Student
Favorite Book: Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp 
Favorite Bible Verse: Ephesians 2:8-10 

Worship Leader/Secretary 
Tina Hurdt 

       Music has always been a part of my life.  At a young age, my mother taught me and my sisters to sing harmony.  We would ride through the town of Shelby in the back seat of an old station wagon singing our hearts out.  What a sweet memory - I had no idea how it would impact my spiritual life.  Harmony in music is sweet, and beautiful.  But a church  must also live in harmony.  I love this verse from 1st Peter 3:8-"Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble".  West Oxford is that kind of church, and I am honored to have been sent here to serve.

        My philosophy of music is that it is a wonderful tool with which to enhance the worship experience.  A tool that includes education, discipleship, prayer, and teaching the gospel.  

Many folks think that a worship leader just picks his or her favorite songs.  Not so with me.  I spend time in the Word and in prayer, and let the Holy Spirit guide.  He  leads.  He teaches.  

He transforms. I am simply to be obedient.  Further, I believe were created for the purpose of worshiping God (Psalm 119:175). Our hearts should be prepared to do that before we even enter the doors of the church.  Music is a great part of the worship service, but in itself is not worship.  

       Worship is not about the style or lyrics of a song.  It isn't about us, and what we like.  It is about God.   My desire is to use this tool as God leads to help others meet and/or fall deeper in love with Him.  He has blessed me beyond words, and cleared the path to bring me to this place.  He continues to fulfill Romans 8:28, and I love Him so.  Please consider joining us.

      Pictured to the left are my greatest blessings.  I have two wonderful sons, a daughter in law whom I adore, and the sweetest little shih-tzu ever, tongue and all!

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